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Designamid profile of Onur Cobanli

Form follows utility.

OMC Design Studios


• Ph.D. in Design, Faculty of Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 2013.
• M.S. in Furniture Design, Faculty of Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 2009.
• B.S. in Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences and Administration,
Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey, (with honors), 2006.
• High School Eskişehir Anadolu Lisesi, Eskişehir, Turkey (with honors), 2002.

• Designer interm, Tokyo University of the Arts, Summer 2008.
Worked with Prof. Seichi Onobori on creating neo-traditional Japan inspired designs.
• Designer interm, xO-Design, Summer 2007.
Developed new products, recomended on engineering and provided design solutions.
• Business designer, OMC² Design Studios, 2006-Present.
Designs business, corporate communication schemas and advertisements models.
• Graphics designer, OMC² Design Studios, 2003-Present.
Worked in projects such as creating web pages, designing product packages or logos.
• Substitute web specialist, Bilkent University, Summer 2005.
Updated Bilkent University web site and worked on the future design of the site.
• Graphics designer intern, Turkuaz Media Press, Eskişehir, Turkey, 2001.
Designed page layouts, logos, booklets, business cards.

• Design Spirit Istanbul, 40 Designs, 40 Young Designers under 40, In collobration with Dream Design Factory (DDF) and Union of Industrial Designers of Turkey (ETMK), 2 April - 7 May, Istanbul.

• Middle-Anatolia Wood Products and Producers Association, Jury Grand Award in Bathroom Furniture Design Category, National Design for Export Competition 2010, Istanbul, Turkey.
• Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA), Rotary International.

• Homeart, April 2009, Istanbul
• Maison Française, April 2009, Istanbul
• New York Spaces Magazine, May 2009, New York
• Mercedes Magazine, Summer 2009, Istanbul
• Trendsetter Magazine, May 2009, Istanbul
• Turkish Building and Decoration Magazine, April-May 2009, Moscow
• The Designer Magazine, June 2009, London
• Deco Time, August & September 2009, Antalya
• AD, September 2009, Moscow
• Frame Magazine, September 2009, Istanbul
• TASARIM Magazine, September 2009, Istanbul
• South China Morning Post, 2 October 2009, HongKong
• HomeArt, November 2009, Istanbul
• House Beautiful, November 2009, Istanbul
• Maison Française, November 2009, Istanbul
• Forbes Life Magazine, December 2009, Istanbul
• Menzo Sports Magazine, January 2010, Brussels
• Evdeyiz Magazine, February - March - April 2010, Istanbul
• Arapgir Postası, 12 March 2010, Arapgir
• Bakış Gazetesi, 12 March 2010, Malatya
• Ming Pao Weekly, 13th May 2010, Hong Kong
• Radikal Gazetesi, Tasarım Eki, 4 April 2010, Istanbul
• Capital Optima Magazine, April 2010, Brussels
• AD - Architectural Digest, April 2010, Milan
• Banyo + Mutfak Magazine, April - May 2010, Istanbul
• Arredamento Mimarlik, May 2010, Istanbul
• Antik & Auktion Magazine, May 2010, Helsingborg
• Ryan Air Magazine, 16 May - 15 June 2010, United Kingdom
• Dergi Bilkent, 1st Half 2010, Ankara
• Brain Power Magazine, July 2010, China
• Default Magazine, June 2010, Istanbul
• Architect and Interiors India, July 2010, Mumbai

• Generative Design using Design DNA, p.60, Generative Art, Proceedings of GA2009 XII Generative Art Conference, edited by Celestina Soddu, Domus Argenia Publisher, Italy, 2009. ISBN 978-88-966-1000-8.
• Design DNA Approach for Defining "Styles". Proceedings of INTED 2010 session of Pedagogical & Didactical Innovations. Learning and Teaching Methodologies, published and edited by L. Gomez, D. Marti, I. Candel et al., Spain, 2010. Proceedings ISBN 978-84-613-5538-9 & Abstracts 978-84-613-5536-5

• "RED, ROSSO, ROJO, Tectum", 2009 - ISBN 978-88-7906-767-6 (6 Pages)

• Professional Chess Player Certificate, National Youth Chess League, Turkey.
• Letter of Appreciation, Bilkent University (For organizations held by Classical Dances Club.)

Turkish, Italian, English, Japanese

Graphics/Modelling/Web Design Programs: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Ulead Gif Animator, Ulead Photo Impact, QuarkXPress, NewTek Lightwave

• Brandmarker, Marketting for Individuals, Boğaziçi University, İstanbul, Turkey. 2008.
• Design for Mass-Production, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 2007.
• Innovative Product Design and Development Conference Series, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. 2006.
• International Ceramics Symposium, Tacoma College, Seattle, United States. 2005.
• International Ceramics Symposium, Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Turkey. 2004.

• XII Generative Art Conference, 16-19 December 2009, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy.
• Ilkka Suppanen, Workshop 27-28 April 2010, Triennale, Milan, Italy.
• Kazuyo Komoda, Workshop 19-20 May 2010, Triennale, Milan, Italy.
• Matali Crasset, Workshop 19-20 July 2010, Triennale, Milan, Italy.
• Giulio Lacchetti, Workshop 5-6 October 2010, Triennale, Milan, Italy.
• Paola Ulian, Workshop 10-11 November 2010, Triennale, Milan, Italy.

ADI - Associazione per il Disegno Industriale
AOD - Association of Design

Design, Ceramics, Tango Dancing, Movies, Anime.



2010-01-10 07:25:31

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