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How to be More Creative

How to be More Creative

Just follow these steps to be more creative at work and business as well as for your designs.

Everyone wants to be more creative. You need creativity in business, design, and even when you play with your kids. Creativity helps you discover new ideas that could lead to shortcuts, discoveries, solutions and eureka moments. But do you have what it takes to be truly creative? Getting creative is easy and it involves you taking a few steps. Before taking a few steps, lets decide where to go.
First, lets remember what creativity is; creativity is the ability to create new ideas. Everyone is therefore creative. But what is creativity anyway? Creativity of a person is the speed and quality in which a person creates new ideas, and therefore not everyone is equally creative. Every person has different amounts of creativity but everyone can change it for better or worse. So, before we continue our discussion we must remember again that everyone is creative but not equally creative.
So how do we improve creativity?There are a few ways to enhance creativity. Key-points for enhancing your creativity are: New Stimuli, New Knowledge, Cognitive Enhancement, Movement, Observation, Body Enhancement, Change, Reflection, Thinking, Deep Thought, Emotion, Activity, Working Hard among others, but how you will ask, here are some shortcuts to improve your creative capacity with examples and suggestions.
Reading a lot can boost creativity. Why? Because if creativity is about coming up with new ideas, reading is a good resource; first remember how ideas are formed; you connect many dots. Reading helps you acquire these dots - ideas, demonstrates examples of connecting dots and therefore reading gives you more dots to connect as well as makes it easier to connect the dots. Read and you will be creative, guaranteed.
Sleeping well can lead to creativity. Why? Because if you do not sleep you would be a zombie, your mental capacity will decrease, your speed of calculation and cognition will decrease. So if you wish to stay creative, you need to sleep. That is not all; when you sleep, you dream, when you dream, your brain explores possible solutions and different scenarios while you sleep and you wake up, eureka! you got an idea, thanks to your dreams that you do not even remember; when you sleep you actively think about everything.
Keeping your body strong could improve creativity. Why? Because the strength of mind and body are correlated. If you have a healthy body, you will most likely have a healthy mind; a mind that works. So you having a good body is important for your cognitive capacity which is hundred percent correlated to your creative capacity; think smart, keep your body fit and active and be more creative.
How to be More Creative
Travelling can help you get creative. Why? Because travelling does three things to a man; first you get rested, rested is good, you think faster, create faster. Second you see new things, seeing new things is good, it adds more dots to your dot collection; new neurons and synapses to create new ideas. Then it also makes you happy, happy people come up with more happy ideas for sure I know it, you know it too, you are more creative when you are happy.
Watching movies or engaging in interactive experiences or immersive technologies could spark innovation. Regardless of what you watch. Why? Because it is about seeing new things. If you are in technology business, watch sci-fi and be more creative. If you are a housewife, watch dramas and be more creative. If you are a technician or specialist, watch documentaries and get smarter. Remember people spend millions of money units to create these contents, respect that and use that to your advantage.
Talking with other people could ignite ideas. Listening to others and exchanging ideas might just kick the right neurons in your brain, sometimes when you try to explain things to other people, you come up with simpler ways to express and understand yourself. Furthermore, creativity is contagious, ideas and wisdom spreads faster than anything else. Tap into this great intellectual infection by interacting with others.
Having free time can be useful for creative thought. It is true that people get creative in bathrooms, but why? Because when you go to bathroom, your mind wanders, you stop thinking about what you are doing or your work or occupation and start thinking about everything else. Free time is like your bathroom time but more extended, by thinking new things different than your routine, you get creative.
Going on a vacation or not going to work a few days could be really great for your creativity. Vacations are where you can have time to rest and reflect. Vacation is different from travelling; you can travel for business and get more tired, but if you take a vacation, you could just stay at home or go somewhere if you decide. The idea is getting relaxed and having time to thing new things that you do not thing usually.
Eating different things or keeping a healthy diet could support your creativity. I am not making this up, I sincerely think eating different food could spur creativity; how? Everything we eat effects our brain, so if we eat different things, these different things would have different effects on our brains, and different effects on brains could lead to different way of thinking and ideas being formed.
Smiling and feeling happy could make you smarter and enhance your creativity. Because, how you perceive the world also effects how the world perceives you; you can create a self-fulfilling prophecy; if you think you are happy you will, and if you think you would be creative you will, and if you think you would be happy and creative together, you will be happy and creative. Being happy makes us smarter.
How to be More Creative
Watching kids could ignite creativity. If you interact with kids, if you observe them, you will start thinking more like a kid. Thinking like a kid is important for creativity, kids have something adults no longer have enough of; taking risks, trying new things, trying to match new concepts, imagining and making up new and strange things among others. Since creativity is contagious, interact with kids to get some good creative infection.
Observing people in general could help with creativity. While observing and interacting kids are great, observing other people can also help with creativity, especially if you are in a design business, or to be honest in any type of business, observing people is really important to understand and guess what people actually wish and desire and need. When you know people, you can be a better designer or business person and you can be creative more because your offerings would be more valuable.
Thinking about how to be creative could actually make you more creative. You can discover new methods to be creative. For example, I think, there are methods and technologies that you can use to extend your brain. If you take a note for example, you extend your memory. This is just an example technology to help you be smarter, many people develop tons of strategies, games and content that integrate tools such as writing, looking, seeing, describing to ignite creativity, what do you think? Think of something, because thinking creates new thinking creates new ideas.
Being messy can lead to creativity. Why? Because to remind you, creativity is connecting the dots, messy objects in your table are dots lying around, stimuli that is being passively pushed, so it can be useful to be messy. But you know what else could help creativity? Being very tidy and clean. If you are very tidy, then you would have no distractions, and being able to focus on your task could also lead to greater creativity.
You can design your life to be more creative and productive. For example, you can walk different paths, you could create new habits and you could eat different things, meet different people, see new places, and practice new ideas. You can design all such things to make yourself more creative and smarter. What you need to decide now is to come up with ways to make yourself more creative.
Winning a design award, such as the A' Design Award could push yourself to be more creative. Why? Because it could push you to design something new and different. In theory, anything that could push you towards good could help you be more creative as long as this push matters. For a designer, I think winning a design award matters, thus a good push, for a business person, advertising and publicity matters, again a good push.
How to be More Creative
Aiming high could push your creativity. If you have no problems, you will seek no need for solutions, thus you need to create problems and the easiest problem creator is running a business or trying your best; these are some problems that seek solutions: How can you make your design better? How can you improve your product quality? How can you sell more? How can you do these three without increasing costs? Start thinking on those and creativity will come to you.

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