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Designamid profile of Alessandra Scarfò

OMC Design studios

Born in 1984, Alessandra Scarfò got the Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from the Architecture Faculty I, Turin Politecnico, in 2007. In 2009 she got the Master’s Degree in Interior Design from Architecture Faculty III, Milan Politecnico. The Master’s Degree final dissertation was ‘The Experiential Cruise – Design of Contemporary Art Interactive Installations in Cruise Ships’ with Silvia Piardi and Luca Mori as supervisors, and in collaboration with De Jorio International Studio in Genova (MSC crociere).
She had studied clay shaping and sculpture for 5 years in Gli Argonauti Artistic Institute (Collegno, Turin) with the artist Vera Quaranta.

In 2006 she patented the AS Design Logo in Camera di Commercio and she created various T-shits sold in the shop Ta.Ba, Turin.
She designed a fencing uniform, which has been quoted in the book of the international competition Ispo Brand New Award in Germany. The fencing uniform was showed at Atrium (Turin) on the occasion of the Fencing Olympic Games, and it is now exhibited in the congress centre Torino Incontra.
She has worked for the publishers La Scuola and Il Capitello. For La Scuola she wrote two chapters about graphics and design in the History of Art book ‘Il Vasari’. For Il Capitello she created the cover and the graphics of the geography book series “I Cento samurai”.
She directed several short films in collaboration with TeleEma productions. In 2007 she won the competition ‘Comincio da tre’ with the short video ‘Sogno Etilico in una notte di mezza estate’ showed at Cinema Massimo of Torino on the occasion of Torino Film Festival. In 2008 she made the advert for the Research Foundation Humanitas (Milan).
In 2006 she worked for the Comunication Design Studio in Rosta (Turin), where she designed the ‘Beauty Color’ product for Farmaca International, which is now in production.
In 2009 she worked for Modoloco Design Studio in Milano, where she designed various products (lamps and sofas) currently produced in Japan and exhibited at Fuori Salone in Milano 2009.
In 2010 she has patented in Camera di Commercio the “Merci di culto” AS design collection, whose various shapes can be used for earrings, mirrors, and clocks. The products Merci di Culto are now sold in several Turin’s shops : Pink Martini (corso De Gasperi and via Monferrato Torino and via Piol Rivoli), Acaja 42 (via Principi d’Acaja Torino), Atlantide (via Rossini Torino), Crim Shop (via San Francesco da Paola Torino), Marzapane (Loano SV), and Mole Antonelliana Museum Store.
Since 2010 she has been working for OMC Design Studios in Como as Creative Director.
She is responsible for the coordination and direction of the design team, for the creation and design of products, interiors, trade fairs stands, and for customer relationship.

Mostra "Gli Argonauti", esposizione di sculture, maggio 2005-06-07-08

Spazio espositivo Torino Incontra, Camera di Commercio di Torino - Progetto tuta da scherma 2006.

Spazio espositivo Shu Milano progetto Riqualificazione urbana Quartiere Sant'Ambrogio, 2009

Spazio espositivo Wood Milano presentazione ed esposizione collezione Merci di Culto orecchini e specchi, 2010

Orecchini "Merci di culto" Museum store Mole Antonelliana 2011

Nomination to Ispo Brandnew Award 2006 - tuta da scherma


"Vasari", casa editrice La Scuola
"Icento Samurai", casa editrice Il Capitello

English, Franch

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Rhinoceros, Vray, Blender

Workshop Food Design with Scabin 2007
Workshop with Sabotino 2008
Workshop with De Lucchi 2009

ADI Member

Merci di Culto Collection sold at Cinema Museum store - Mole Antonelliana in Turin and at Fondazione Arnoldo Pomodoro in Milan

"Sculpture", "Photography", "Violins", "Ski"

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